Vijnana yoga op maandag

Op maandag 6 en 13 september geeft Robin proeflessen Vijnana yoga. Dit is een actieve vorm van yoga die toch zacht aanvoelt wegens het manier waarop je uit zachtheid de asanas opbouwt,
De les begint om 09.15 en duurt een uur. De eerste proefles is gratis.


  1. Dear Sudha,

    My name is Anna and I would really like to start doing yoga and I am interested in the trial lesson on the 13th of September. I am worried about the language. I do speak Dutch but very little and afraid I won’t totally understand your guidance.
    Could you please advise.

    Thank you in advance.

    Regards, Anna

    1. Hello Anna, I am so sorry, but I only see this message of yours now. Usually e-mails are sent to: Are you still interested in starting yoga? In all our classes we can help you in English, so don’t worry about that.Please e-mail me to the above address if you are still interested and we can see what class would suit you. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Sudha

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Just for a change, I thought I would write this newsletter in English. Though not my mother tongue, it comes more easily to me than any other language that I know and is the language in which I am most at ease expressing my thoughts and feelings.

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